MBhorses is a sales and competition stable in Denmark. The stable is run by the Bennetsen family. Morten Bennetsen and his wife Tanya Bennetsen have three children; Madelen, Victor and Isabell. The father of Morten; Vagn Bennetsen is a breeder of high quality jumping horses which makes Madelen (17) the third generation choosing horses as a proffesional career. Well, at 17 a lot can still change, but so far the future as a proffesional rider only looks brighter and brighter for Madelen Bennetsen.

From Left: Tanya Bennetsen, Morten Bennetsen, Victor Bennetsen, Isabell Bennetsen, Madelen Bennetsen. Foto: Ridehesten

Madelen has already achieved a lot of success in the competition ring. At the age of 13 she already took place in the silver tour (135) at Danish Derby Christmas. She has participated in the CSIO Nation Cup, the Nordic championships, the 2017 European championships, the Danish championship (where she won) and the 140 CSI* World Cup Herning.

European championships, Madelen placed as 3rd in the first round and 4th in the final for teams

But not only is Madelen a great talented rider. She is also the stable manager and stays on top of every single detail about each horse in the stable. She notices immediately if any of the horses are acting differently or needs special treatment. She organises and plans the horses’ schedules and stays on top of their feed and equipment. She has completely control down to every single detail.

The Bennetsen family are real horse people and value good teamwork and a positive attitude. Growing up at a farm where the family does all the work themselves, Madelen was raised to become independent and do all the work around the horses on her own. Her days are long and consists of everything from taking horses in and out of the field, feeding and riding up to 9 horses a day. Whenever her father needs help, she is there to read his thoughts.

“They have a special relationship, the two of them. It is as if they have their own language. When they are at shows together they know exactly how to communicate. It is fascinating to see how their language is almost completely without words” Says Tanya Bennetsen.

For Madelen her father is both her trainer, her boss, her colleague and her mentor.

“To work with my father everyday from 8-21, can be a challenge, but also a gift. I think it is important to not always talk about horses when we eat our meals together. My father has always been good at playing different roles and I respect him a lot as a trainer“

Morten Bennetsen in the 1.50 GP

The stable has become dependent on Madelens professional work;

“When Madelen is gone at shows for more than a day the rest of us have no clue what the horses should get to eat. Writing all the information on paper was inconvenient because every time the the horses in the stable changed or their feed changed, we had to make a new paper. Now that we have Mosson Stable everyone can get access to the horses’ feeding plan and Madelen can easily update it even from the show ground” Says Tanya.

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