600 or 1-3 horses in your stable? Mosson helps all types of stables

The past few months we have onboarded a lot of stables with our smallest subscription; 1-3 horses. At the same time, Helgstrand Dressage have given us wonderful feedback on how Mosson Stable helps them organize their 600 horses at different locations.

“With our 600 horses and more than 100 employees, we need a stable management system to organize all tasks and secure the welfare of the horses and the employees. Mosson Stable has given us a better overview and a more efficient way of working. I think if it solves our needs with our complex system based on different locations, it can solve the needs of all types of stables.”

Anders Bjørnstrup 
Commercial director Helgstrand Dressage

The fact that we give value to stables with any number of horses in any discipline, is extremely motivating for us. The past month we have onboarded both race horse stables and equestrian stables as well as race horse owners to our Mosson Owner app. Our mission is to increase efficiency in all type of stables, to avoid misunderstandings and to improve the everyday life in the stable. We strive to improve our solution continuously, so that all our stables no matter discipline and size can take value from our solution. 


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With Mosson Stable, all the people connected to the app can leave each other messages, see changes in plans and see the records for each horse. Every person in the stable will feel more involved with a tool that gives them a full overview of your plans and schedule. You no longer need to repeat the horses’ routines to new people in the stable. Every person in the stable will be able to take responsible choices when they know what is normal for each horse. Register all normal information for each horse like temperature, pulse and any other special remarks. Be a better leader – download Mosson Stable today.

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