How to keep your horse owners updated and engaged without spending extra time

The easy way to service all your horse owners at the same time

We know that trainers of racehorses don’t have time to inform all owners of syndicate horses. We know that updating all owners on each horse about plans for the next races and general status simply can be too much. We know that trainers don’t want long phone calls while they are working. We know that being a racehorse trainer is also to provide customer care to the owners. But we also know that achieving the best performance and results requires complete focus without interruptions.

Therefore, with Mosson Stable and Mosson Owner app you can keep your focus on the training of the horses. No more WhatsApp, messenger, phone calls and text messages. One platform to update all your owners at once.

  • Save the phone calls for the important discussions
  • Service your horse owners while keeping your focus on the training.

(Don’t have the Mosson Stable app yet? Read about Mosson Stable here)

The owners get weekly updates about the horses’ wellbeing, their next race and their progress

Most owners of racehorses are passionate about the horses they own. A few owners buy and keep racehorses like they own stocks. But most people buy racehorses for the experience. The experience of watching the horse perform and achieve better and better results. The experience to feel a belonging to the community. To feel a part of something from the very beginning. To select the horse, watch it progress and be a part of the whole journey together. To stand behind the horse as a team. To one day experience together that the horse wins its first race! For many owners we understand that it is about much more than the winning rounds. It is about all the small steps along the way. It is about enjoying the journey together.

Therefore, with the Mosson Owner app the horse owners can receive daily or weekly updates about their horses. All horse owners will be updated about the horses’ next race. All the owners can follow their horse’s daily lives through pictures, videos and messages.

  • Engage and involve your horse owners
  • Let all the horse owners know about your plan and thoughts for the next races

How you can keep your horse owners updated and engaged without spending extra time

Although servicing and keeping your owners engaged sounds like extra work, Mosson Owner is developed for the trainers to SAVE time. Follow these simple steps and make it a routine to update your owners through your Mosson Stable App:

Step 1: Create your stable at mossonstable.com and start your two months test period with 95% DISCOUNT using this voucher: MOSELITE2020. Download Mosson Stable in App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: When you plan a race, type it on the Digital Whiteboard and all owners will automatically receive your information about the race.

Step 3: Go to “Message to owner” in Mosson Stable. Upload pictures, videos or information to the horses’ profile. The staff who is connected to the Mosson Stable app can upload information as well. Everything uploaded on each horses’ profile will automatically be sent “from the horse” to its owners.

NOTE: Everything else in Mosson Stable than the section races and owners can be kept confidential and will not be shared with the owners or anyone else than the people connected to the Mosson Stable app.

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